Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act

Salinas PD LEOSA Qualification Information

A yearly LEOSA qualification for honorably Retired Salinas Police Officers can be scheduled by emailing the Administrative Secretaries, Stephanie Morales-Bravo or Martha Guizar

Retiree qualifications can be conducted on any open range day after being coordinated with either Stephanie or Martha. Open range days are generally held on the first and third Monday of each month. Please do not just show up to the range without scheduling.

A yearly Retiree BBQ is held at the Salinas Police Department located at 312 E. Alisal Street usually during July or August. We invite all retired Salinas Police Officers to attend this event. As part of this event, there will be Range Masters on hand to qualify retired Officers and to process their LEOSA cards. Please contact Sergeant Godwin or Sergeant Murphy for information regarding this event.

Those retirees who are unable to attend either the Retiree BBQ and Qualification or an Open Range Day due to living out of county may download the Salinas PD LEOSA Qualification Course and the Salinas PD Retiree Qualification forms

Take these forms to any Local, State, or Federal Law Enforcement Agency who is willing to qualify you using our standards. We do not recognize private firearms instructors, military or security contractors, only Local, State, or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies can qualify retirees. Once you are qualified have the Range Master who qualified you sign the SPD Retiree Qualification Form and indicate the Agency which conducted the qualification. The form must include a valid mailing address and telephone contact number for the retiree requesting the LEOSA card. We cannot validate your qualification and issue you a LEOSA card without this information. Once the form is completed the certifying agency or the retiree must scan the signed copy of the SPD Retiree Qualification Form and email it to Stephanie and Martha. 

Upon receiving the scanned form Salinas Range Staff will verify the information is accurate this process may include contacting the qualifying agency for verification. 

The retiree will receive his or her LEOSA Card in the mail approximately 2 weeks after we receive the properly completed forms.

If you need to speak directly to a member of the Range Staff, contact Sergeant James Godwin at 831-758-7120 or Sergeant Cameron Murphy at 831-758-7394 or via email.

If you need to speak directly to Stephanie Morales-Bravo or Martha Guizar please call 831-758-7286.