Automated Red-Light Camera Program

Salinas Police Department would like to announce that the Automated Red-Light Camera Enforcement Program commenced November 1, 2019 with a 30-day warning period. After the 30-days, the issuing of citations began.

This program is designed to improve public safety through increased enforcement of red-light violations and increased public awareness of the dangers of running red lights.

For more information refer to the attached brochure.

The program is funded by money paid by red-light violators and at no cost to the city. It is projected that the program will earn just enough to pay for the operation of the equipment, and the processing of the citations. It is anticipated that the City will generate little or no income from the program.

Visit to view or pay for your citation. If you do not have your Notice of Violation, please call 1-866-790-4111.

Download Documents
Red Light Program Brochure-English
Red Light Program Brochure – Spanish
Spanish Language – Affidavit Red Light Citations