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Property & Evidence FAQ’s

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Salinas Police Department Property & Evidence

310 JD Alvarado Circle

Salinas, CA. 93901


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What is the Property & Evidence hours of operation?

Monday through Friday from 09:00 a.m. to 02:30 p.m.

Closed for City of Salinas recognized Holidays.

How do I retrieve my property from the Salinas Police Department?

You may call us at (831)758-7394 during normal business hours, if after hours please leave a message. Please provide us with your full name, date of birth, Salinas Police Department case number (if known), and a description of the item or items you are trying to retrieve.

Do I need an appointment before I can claim my property?

Yes, property returns are by appointment only. Appointments are available Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 09:00 a.m. to 02:30 p.m.

I turned in found property, when can I claim it?

Any item turned in to the Salinas police Department as found property must be held for 90 Days while attempts are made to locate the owner. If the item has not been claimed after 90 days, it can be released to the finder under certain circumstances. (Firearms or weapons CANNOT be released to the finder.)

How can I get my property that was taken for safekeeping?

Safekeeping property (not Firearms or ammunition) cannot be released without first making an appointment with the Property & Evidence Unit. You must call (831) 758-7394. Safekeeping property will be held for 90 days. After 90 days the property will be disposed of.

How do I get property that was evidence from a court case?

Felony Arrest Cases: Evidence cannot be released until 60 days after the date of sentencing. Misdemeanor Arrest Cases: Evidence cannot be released until 30 days after the date of sentencing. ** All individuals who faced charges in a criminal case must be sentenced before Evidence items can be released.

If I’m unable to pick up my property, can I send someone to pick it up?

You will need a notarized letter of authorization before someone else can pick up your property. The authorized letter must have the name of the person picking up the property. The person picking up your property must bring a valid government issued picture ID. The following form can be downloaded, printed, and used for this purpose: Notarized Property and Evidence Release Form .  This process does not apply to firearms. For further information regarding Firearm releases, please contact us at (831)758-7394.

What forms of identification are acceptable to pick up property?

Valid Identification must be presented for release of property, i.e. Valid Driver’s License from any state, Valid Identification card from any state, Valid Passport, Matricula Card or similar from any country, Valid United States Military Identification, etc…

Is the process for retrieving firearms different from other types of property?

If you are attempting to claim a firearm(s), ammunition, and/or ammunition feeding devices, you must first obtain a clearance letter from the California Department of Justice (DOJ) PC 33850.  Beginning December 1, 2021 applicants must electronically submit a Law Enforcement Release (LER) application via the California Firearms Application Reporting System (CFARS).   The clearance letter, confirming that you can legally possess a firearm, is valid for 30 days.  You must make an appointment to retrieve your firearm before the letter expires.  You must also bring a firearm lock or locking case for transportation.  Ammo is not released at the same time as guns.  For more information please visit the DOJ website here.

How do I dispose of my firearm(s) and ammo?

We will accept firearms that anyone in the public wants to turn in. Firearms need to be brought to the PD in an unloaded condition in a locked container. Individuals wishing to turn in firearms must leave them in their vehicle for an officer to collect. Weapons are not to be brought into the lobby without a police officer present.

Ammunition can be turned in only by individuals who reside in the City of Salinas. We will not accept powder, primers, or other reloading components. Military munition such as mortar or artillery shells, grenades or any other type of explosives are not to be brought to the PD and will not be accepted under any circumstances.

The Department reserves the right to refuse.