On 06-01-20, the Salinas Police Violence Suppression Task Force (VSTF) was monitoring the peace rally held at the Salinas Sports Complex where Chief Adele Frese was invited to speak. During this peaceful event, officers heard Samuel Morelos (25) a 'Norteno” gang member who is currently on parole attempting to incite the crowd into acts of violence. Morelos was observed holding what appeared to be lighter fluid and a glass bottle. These items are commonly used to manufacture molotov cocktails.

On 06-03-20, VSTF conducted a follow up investigation and located Morelos. A parole search was conducted of his property and several glass bottles were located along with a can of lighter fluid. The glass bottles were similiar to the one Morelos possessed during the time of the peace rally. Morelos was later transported and booked into the Monterey County Jail facing charges of inciting a riot, possession of incendiary devices, and parole violation. The on call judge was contacted and a bail enhancement was authorized.