Miscellaneous Animal Ordinances

My neighbors keep a rooster in their backyard. Is this legal?
No. The Salinas Municipal Code  prohibits any fowl or livestock to be kept as pets. This includes pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, etc. Roosters are especially bothersome because of the noise they create and the fact they are sometimes used for cockfights and gambling.
How many pets am I allowed to have at my house?
Salinas City residents are allowed to have four pets per household. This includes any combination, such as two dogs and two cats or one dog and three cats.
Can I let my dog run loose in my neighborhood?
No. All dogs must be secured on private property or restrained by a leash if outside of your yard or in any public place. The Salinas Municipal Code  prohibits dogs running loose. You, or whoever is in control of the dog, could be issued a citation for letting your dog run loose.
My neighbors dog bit a child and they still let it run around the neighborhood. What can we do?
Any dog that has bitten a person is considered vicious and is thereafter required to be kept in a secure area. If the dog goes out, it must have a leash, be muzzled, and someone over 18 years old must be in charge of it. If talking to the dogs owner does not work, you can report the animal to Animal Control Officers by calling (831) 758-7285. If they are unavailable you may report it to the police department by calling the non-emergency number, (831) 758-7321.
I am considering bringing a puppy home. What does the city require from dog owners?
Any dog over four months old must have a city dog license. The dog must also be vaccinated against rabies. The City also highly recommends all animals be spayed or neutered. You could be issued a citations if your dog is not licensed, even if it is not doing anything wrong. For license information call (831) 758-7285 or ( 831) 758-7211. If you have questions regarding other animal regulations, or you have an animal problem, please call (831) 758-7285. The Animal Control Officer may be in the field, but you may leave a message and they will call you back.

Question of the Day

How do I contest a parking citation?
You may request an Administrative Review.
How much time do I have to contest a citation?
Payment or an administrative review is required within 21 days or further penalties will be assessed. If you fail to request a review or pay the citation as directed, vehicle registration will be withheld.
How do I obtain a copy of a citation?
You may obtain a copy by calling (831) 758-7363.  If...

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