Barking Dog Complaints

Is there anything I can do if there is a barking dog disturbing my neighborhood?

The Salinas Municipal Code Section 21A-2 SCC  states that it is illegal to allow an animal to create a noise which is so annoying, or which is so harsh or prolonged, as to be injurious to the health, peace or comfort of any reasonable person residing in the area. If you are unable to resolve the issue between yourself and your neighbor, depending on the circumstances, you may call Salinas Animal Services  or the Salinas Police Department for assistance. When deciding whether to call for assistance you must also decide whether the barking or howling is at a level that your peace is being disturbed. If it is, you next need to decide whether you would be willing to press formal charges in order to get the noise to stop. Most often, the mere fact that you are willing to press charges will help us to solve the problem so that no actual charges need be pressed.

Under normal circumstances you should call Animal Services for assistance in barking dogs that are disturbing you peace. Members of Animal Services are available to contact offending neighbors during the daytime and take action, if necessary, to quell the noise disturbance. You may call their office at (831) 758-7285, anytime to report a barking dog. If they are not available at the time of your call, you can leave a message stating your name, address, phone number, the location of the dog, along with a brief description of what is occurring. An animal control officer will then attempt to contact the owner of the animal to warn them of the violation.

In situations that cannot wait for the next day and you are willing to press charges you may call the police department for assistance. If you decide to call the police, use the non-emergency number, (831) 758-7321, and not 911. When you call the police you will be asked several things. In addition to getting your name, address and telephone number the person you talk to will also ask you if you are willing to press charges or if you are willing to speak with an officer directly. We recommend that you provide the dispatcher with your name, address and telephone number even if you do not want to press charges or be contacted. This will help us if other calls are received about the same barking dog.

What if I do not want to give my name and address?

If you do not want to give your name and address you can still call Animal Services and report the barking dog to them. They will still attempt to contact the owner and warn them. If the owner refuses to quiet the dog and the noise continues there is very little else the Animal Control Officers can do without having a person willing to press formal charges.

As a last resort, you can also call the police to report the barking dog. The officer who is assigned to the nearby area will be told that a person has called about the noise. Depending on other calls for service, the officer may make an attempt to drive by the area and, if necessary, warn the owner that a complaint was received. If the barking continues, or you decide that you are willing to press charges in order to quiet the dog, you may call back and tell the dispatcher that you are willing to do so.

What can I do to keep my dog from barking and disturbing my neighbors?

Barking is your dog’s way of sending you a distress signal. Somewhere his needs as an animal are not being met. Most times, excessive barking is caused by the dog being lonely, bored, frustrated or frightened. Are you walking with him every day, which exercises his body and his mind? Is he living a balanced life? If nuisance barking is a problem, consider these issues to find a solution. It’s the best way to show real love for your dog. A well-exercised, happy dog is more likely to sleep all day while you are not home.

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