Abandoned Vehicles

What can I do if I see a car parked in my neighborhood which I think may be abandoned?

The City of Salinas has people specifically designated to handle abandoned vehicles and long-term parking problems. These problems are generally handled on a complaint basis. The abandoned vehicle office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. The phone number, day or night, is (831) 758-7316.

The following information will help you determine whether or not a vehicle has been abandoned or is a long-term parking problem:

Salinas Municipal Code - Section 20-49(a) and (b)  prohibits any vehicle from being parked upon any street or alley for more than 72 hours (3 days). In the event a vehicle is parked in excess of this time period, the police department is authorized to issue a citation and/or remove such vehicle from the street.

When you report an abandoned vehicle to the Salinas Police Department, our personnel will respond and mark the vehicle as soon as possible. After 72 consecutive hours, the vehicle will be checked again. If the vehicle has not been moved, it will be removed as soon as possible.

Any vehicle parked on a City street or on public property must be currently registered and in working condition.

California Vehicle Code section 22669(d)  prohibits an vehicle from being parked on the street or other public property with a major component missing. Major components include the engine, radiator, wheel(s), tire(s), window(s), door(s), etc. These vehicles will be towed as soon as possible.

We suggest residents park their personal vehicles in their garage or driveway if possible. If not, we encourage people to park in front of their own residence in an effort to be good neighbors.

My car is broken down. Can I park it on my property for a few weeks until I get it fixed?

Salinas Municipal Code - Section 37-50.190(b)(2)(c)  prohibits inoperable vehicles from being parked or stored on private property. A vehicle is considered inoperable if it is missing any major component, partially dismantled, or not registered through DMV for running conditions on public street. Inoperable vehicles may be stored inside a garage on a temporary basis. The City of Salinas  Code Enforcement Section, (831) 758-7157, regulates these types of vehicles on private property.

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