Labor Day Weekend Reckless Driving Enforcement

Release Date/Time: 9/11/2020 11:34 AM
Incident:Labor Day Weekend Reckless Driving Enforcement
Date: Friday, 9/4/2020
Location:City of Salinas

The Salinas Police Department has received numerous complaints from local businesses and residents about reckless drivers in parking lots and on our roadways.  These drivers shut down our roadways or block parking lots to perform dangerous driving maneuvers such as drifting, donuts and racing; commonly known as Side-Shows.  Some vehicles have passengers hanging out of the windows while performing these maneuvers creating a dangerous situation for nearby spectators and passengers.

Our community has reported the loud vehicles, yelling spectators and screeching tires keep nearby residents up at night and our businesses report vandalism, littering and damage to their parking lots.  These events attract hundreds of vehicles and hundreds of spectators.  

Over Labor Day Weekend, we conducted special enforcement to curb the reckless driving.  With help from the Monterey area California Highway Patrol, we were able to identify several vehicles driving recklessly in parking lots and took immediate action by impounding vehicles and citing drivers for reckless driving.  

Some vehicles were able to get away, but our Traffic Unit has followed up with seizure warrants authorized by a Monterey County Superior Judge to seize and impound the vehicles for 30-days.  We have since impounded and seized five vehicles and are in the process of locating and seizing more throughout Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties.   

This is an ongoing investigation and we will continue this type of enforcement.  If drivers come to Salinas to drive recklessly then expect their vehicles to be seized; either immediately from the scene or a few days later after a seizure warrant has been authorized.

We send a sincere thank you to our local businesses and residents who have reported the reckless driving and encourage them to continue to let us know.

Release Authorized by:Miguel Cabrera
Telephone:831 758-7289

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